MJS Tax and Accounting System Research Institute


MJS Tax and Accounting System Research Institute was established in 1999 as a research institute of MJS Co., Ltd. for the purpose of providing customers with a variety of information and services in a timely manner in response to the recent dizzying array of tax reforms, amendments to the Companies Act, and changes in the accounting system.

Aiming to become a think-tank of MJS, each of the "Tax", "Business Law", "Accounting" and "Management" study groups has invited experts in their respective fields as advisors and visiting researchers to conduct research activities.

Organization of MJS Tax and Accounting System Research Institute

As a think tank of MJS, we are mainly active in research groups in the four fields of "Taxation," "Accounting," "Business Law," and "Management. Each study group invites not only certified tax accountants and certified public accountants as advisors and visiting researchers, but also university professors, lawyers, judicial scriveners, consultants and other experts to conduct research activities. In addition, full-time researchers such as certified public accountants are active as MJS employees.

In addition, the Tax precedent study group and International tax case study group, derived from the Tax System Study Group, are organized by our advisors and visiting researchers as an open study group that is open to people outside the institute.

Key Activities

Giving lectures at training sessions and seminars.

Holds seminars instructed by advisors and visiting researchers throughout Japan in cooperation with MirokuKaikeijinkai.
Supports more than 400 specialized seminars and training sessions a year.

Research Activities

Advisors and visiting researchers from different study groups carry out research in their specializations and actively exchange opinions.

Provides reports, books, booklets, etc.

Publishes research findings and latest information through 400 research reports a year, books, pamphlets, websites, etc.